Tons of work to do this week. Actually, tons of work to do period. I’m a “just get it out of the way” person. I tend to think that it all needs to get done now. This evening I scheduled the posts for the e-comm site. This week I need to get back on track with the affiliate sites, starting with posting daily on the existing sites. The priorities after that are the e-commerce homepage which I am so tempted to outsource, but fear the costs, and site #3 theming. After that it’s the article submission for the e-commerce site.

This week I absolutely need to get both the homepage template and the site #3 theming done. Those are big jobs. I have no idea how I’m going to get them done. If I can’t get the theming for site #3 done, I have to start the articles over there. I think that’s what I’ll do so that I don’t have insurmountable tasks and feel useless in the end. I’ll do daily posts for all 3 sites and the e-commerce homepage. That’s feasible.