As I was lamenting today again on how laborious this shipping process is, I reminded myself that there was a time when we re-typed orders into Quickbooks and addresses into USPS. Imagine how much time that would take. I am grateful that that is no longer the case.

I’m beginning to isolate the problem areas. The biggest fat is in the number of times we touch the product. We unpack it and put it on the racks, then we check to see if it’s what we ordered, then we check to see if the stuff that we have to send out is there, then we pack it. Too many touch points for the products. I also think that we spend a lot of time walking around that tiny room. Clipboards will become a mainstay.

The next time consumer is the number of clicks that one order has to go through. For that, I think that order management software would help. Some central location that automatically interfaces to all the other apps we have to interface with, but we would only have to deal with it. We’ve been reading about Stone Edge to solve that problem.

Of course, this won’t be fixed overnight, but little by little we will become more efficient.