Almost at the end of week 3 of January. Things are going considerably better as I get into the groove. The transition was a bit rough, but it’s almost over.

I am so realizing what Kiyosaki meant by the importance of a good team. I have a phenomenal lawyer, banker, accountant and coach. I always thought that these people were out of my league. I mean we’re not running a multi-million dollar company. YET. However, having those folks just take the edge of. This week I had to submit a credit app to our supplier to up our limit. Since we’re doing so much volume and all. The reason for the low limit was because no one at our previous bank would give any information. Truth be told there wasn’t really any one person that they could talk to. This week before I faxed the app, I called the banker to let him know that they were calling. No problem. That’s just one example.

Started coaching this week. Specifically to increase our sales. We’re going to do something radical for pure play online retailers. Start networking and reaching out offline. Radical for us anyway. The coaching, really training, is very insightful. The best part is that DH, my business partner gets to do it and I don’t have to flog him to do it.

AdWords CTR is in the double digits for all campaigns and we are working on fixing the problems with the site to get those high priced visitors to convert. I also put in some bids today for e-mail newsletters. The only thing, well maybe not the only, but the thing that concerns me now is the lack of response from the link builder.