Site #1: 3 articles
Site #2: 2 articles
Site #3: 1 article

I almost overlooked it completely. I did $5 yesterday. Sadly, I am not that enthused. I am so tired.

This brings to light a serious problem with Site #1. It’s not bringing in any money despite traffic. I’m going to have to change the theme in order to improve my ad placement. This is the reason why I don’t like right hand navigation: left or 3-column is the way to go. Once people read the content first, they only go to the right menu if they are purposely looking for something. On the other hand, novice web users still read the left column first. Despite the blatant block of content in the middle.

BTW, I tried in content, that did not work either. **Sigh**

My content girl has disappeared. I really hope I find someone else as good.