I feel so far behind. September is not as productive as I would like it to be and I am seriously contemplating stopping at 3 sites. I would have 5 in all, excluding the e-commerce site which is more like a business onto itself.

Here is my update for the month so far:

  • Do homepage template for e-commerce site. This is a seasonal template that needs to be swapped out. Immediately. Done today.
  • Do article submission for e-commerce site.
  • Commission 50 more articles for e-commerce site.
  • Complete April through August financials for e-commerce site.
  • Complete 30 articles for each of the affiliate sites. Update: 3 articles on site #3, 2 on site #2, and 1 on site #3.
  • Do 30 directory submissions and 20 feed submissions for affiliate sites.
  • Figure out optimal AdSense placement for site #1. Update: I’m going to have to re-theme the site.