We all know that wood floors are especially charming. They are elegant and refined, and best of all; they are simple to keep clean. But that does not mean they do not stain. So today we tell you how to care for your hardwood floors regardless of their type and so you can learn more about the care of hardwood flooring.


Once the floor is in place, it should be always polished to achieve a perfect finish. This work can be repeated as often as necessary, throughout the years, before removing layers of plastic or wax, which will ensure a strong and durable floor over time.


Wood floors are laminated with a layer of oil varnish covering the floor protecting and facilitating cleaning. There are commercially different finishes: matte, semi matte or glossy. This procedure achieves a finish that protects floors from stains and wear, making them more durable and easy to clean.

Hydro lacquer

In this case, the wooden floor, a water-based finish has no strong odors. The floor can be used about 3 or 4 hours after placing the product. Although life is less than the polyurethane paint, achieves a similar effect to that of natural wood.

Untreated hardwood floors

You should use liquid version or paste wax for  every two weeks, and review by weekly  with a shine to maintain luster. Paste wax has a higher yield than the liquid wax, but it is most easily applied. Remember that every three months you have to remove the old wax remover using for the floor is completely clean and even when re-wax.

Laminated wood flooring, floating or hydro lacquer

To clean this type of floor cleaners are recommended daily specially formulated with agents who care timber handlers and maintain its natural beauty, leaving no residue. There is no-rinse and are very easy to apply for thorough cleaning is recommended once every two weeks, use liquid wax for laminated flooring.