Using a concrete floor in the house actually has many advantages, though it looks look stiff and seem harsh. The concrete floor is able to include the industrialization era romance to your home. However, what are the advantages of applying the concrete floor? Consider the following:

Environmentally friendly

Concrete flooring is one of the environmentally friendly material choice, especially if your home is from the beginning to use this type of floor. By not replacing the concrete floor, you have to participate to reduce the use of new materials. All you need to do is finish sanding and coating.

Easy Maintenance

Concrete floors tend to be easy to maintain. Only with a mop at least once a week is enough to maintain and clean the concrete floor. Because it does not require special care, using a concrete floor is also able to save on costs.

Various styles

You can make a variety of styles with a concrete floor. If you want a rustic impression, you can apply a matte finish. If you want a unique impression, you can also give color to the concrete floor. If you want a more modern impression, you can make a more glossy finish with acrylic sealer. Finishing with acrylic sealer will give the wet look effect.


Concrete floors classified material is durable and capable of up to hundreds of years old. In addition, as you get older your home, the floor will provide “a souvenir” of the authentic accent.

Fits inside and outside

Concrete floors can be “signed” in a variety of styles and a variety of uses indoor decoration. In fact, this type of flooring you can use for both exterior and interior. You can make a flowing transition from the exterior to the interior of your home. For the exterior, you only need at the silicon-based coatings to avoid the appearance of wet look.