Last week was a rough week psychologically. I think it was because I didn’t write my daily tasks on the white board. I started to feel overwhelmed. The customer calls got me down. Looking at the numbers got me down, and they’re quite good. Everything just stressed me a touch more. So this week it’s back to tracking on the white board. That way I know things are getting done.

Article submissions have been working relatively well to drive traffic to the site. I’ve been thinking about changing our internal focus from just getting the sale, to getting the relationship. Right now our conversion is at .6 %, up from .35%. We just did a site redesign, so that should help. Even if it gets to 2%, why should we lose 98% of our traffic. I think we need to get at least 60% of our traffic to do something: sign up for our newsletter, become active on our blog, or peruse articles. The idea is that if we can get that traffic engaged on some level, we’ll have a better chance of getting a sale at some point from them. It’s something that I’m learning in that sales class and, coincidently, something I got from talking to a very prosperous, experienced Internet marketer.

Think relationship building (long term), more than getting the sale (short term).