I’m back from vacation. My intention was to leave on Wednesday so that I could use Thursday to recuperate, do work on Friday and enjoy the festivities at church this weekends, as well as fulfill a myriad of obligations. We did not leave until Thursday so the whole plan is out the window. I have a lot on my plate and my mind. Usually I write here last, but today I’m writing here first so that I could get my task list together. Here it is.

  • Do homepage template for e-commerce site. This is a seasonal template that needs to be swapped out. Immediately.
  • Do article submission for e-commerce site.
  • Commission 50 more articles for e-commerce site.
  • Complete April through August financials for e-commerce site.
  • Complete 30 articles for each of the affiliate sites.
  • Do 30 directory submissions and 20 feed submissions for affiliate sites.
  • Figure out optimal AdSense placement for site #1.

I started off thinking that this would be a task list for this weekend, but who am I kidding. I’m going to be working on this stuff all month long. As far as articles go, I’ve already lost 10 days this month, so for 10 out of the next 20 days I’ll have to double up. I really was hoping that this would not happen, but when I got to Florida my brain was so happy to take a rest, I just let it.

Feels much better to write it down though. I’ll be checking stuff off as time passes right here.

BTW, the scheduling thing worked like a charm. I used it for the e-commerce site. It was lovely.